Youth Group

All Saints have teamed up with Holy Trinity to provide a youth group for children aged between 11 and 15.  We started back before Christmas after a long intermission largely due to poor behaviour from the children.  However, we started back on a positive note which stressed the importance of wanting our youth group to be safe, inclusive and fun; which can only happen when all agree to not spoil it for the others.  The children were amazing in coming up with their own youth group rules to ensure this happens and they have been a fantastic bunch of kids since. 

            We meet on a Tuesday night between 7:15-9pm and met last week for the first time since our Christmas break.  Every second Tuesday in the month All Saints church hall is being used by the Women’s Institute so our Youth Group have taken this opportunity to go on a youth group outing.  We went to places like blowing before Christmas and have a trip to Flip-Out in Chester booked for the 14th February.  These trips have also helped in terms of behaviour as they are something for the children to aim for throughout the other three weeks.

            We are extremely excited to have one of our Church Army officers on board with us now.  Josh will be coming in once a month and focus on the Christian faith with the children and introduce topics for us to look at in a gentle and fun way.  We as a church are extremely excited about this and what this will provide for the 15-20 teenagers we currently have on the books.  We have nearly met our quota of help and volunteers from adults and parents who are willing to help run this having pulled in help from the Church Army and volunteers now coming in from both All Saints and Holy Trinity.  However, we are still searching for one more person before we can then break into teams of three and cover on a four-week rota.  If anyone is interested, please get in touch with either Fr Sam or either of the wardens.