No Story So Divine

All Saints – Easter Nine Lessons and Carols – No Story so Divine
This year All Saints church will be holding an Easter version of nine lessons and carols. It will follow the same format as the Christmas one, but will have Lent, Passion, Holy Week and Easter hymns accompanying the Easter story. This story will begin very much like the Christmas version with the Fall; the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis and the eating from the tree of knowledge to escape from our dependency on the need we have for God. However, as this story develops we will follow how in Isaiah we are called back from that divorce with God through a turning back to him, or repentance. This is affirmed with Ezekiel where God promises that although we were dead in our sin, he will breathe new life into our bones. This comes to a climax with God accomplishing this task of bringing his lost children back to him through the story of the Passion of Jesus on the cross and his glorious resurrection. These readings will be interjected with poems, from Thomas and Gauvera, readings from Gregory of Nazianzus and a snippet from the novel, ‘Peter Abelard’, by Helen Waddell.
This will be accompanied by some of our favourite hymns from around this liturgical time. Traditional and contemporary from When I survey, Jesu lover of my soul, to Be still and know and Come and See. This will be a passionate service which completes the nine lessons and carols we love so much at Christmas time. This time we are following God’s salvation plan for his children past the birth of Christ and turning to how he completed it. Everyone is more than welcome to join us on the 2nd April at 6pm in All Saints church.