Art Project

We are currently looking to embark on an exciting art project in All Saints church between the church and the community. Our aim is to design, create and install a mosaic behind the font displaying an abstract depiction of the journey from darkness to light which every believer goes through. This mural will be supervised and coordinated by a resident artist, Andrea Hilditch; who attends All Saints church. The mosaic will be created primarily by the children of Victoria School, however the Headteacher wishes for parents and members of the congregation to be involved also. Each child will design a small tile focusing on a specified theme of colours whilst Andrea will put these tiles together to form the overall picture. Whilst this is going on, Fr Sam will be teaching six RE lessons to years 5 and 6 about baptism, Christian initiation and pilgrimage. This will involve a field trip to All Saints church and to another church/chapel which has a full immersion baptistery, to see how Christians of different denominations approach baptism. Our aims for this project are to engage with the local community, to provide participants with the opportunity to creatively engage with and express an aspect of Christian faith and to provide the opportunity for church to engage with some essential teaching about an extremely important sacrament of the church and our faith.