We worship God every Sunday at 11am

high altar

Most Sundays we celebrate the Holy Eucharist.  Here we take part in the celebration of the last supper which Jesus had with his disciples.  We gather to not only remember the last supper but also partake in the supper where Jesus used bread and wine to be for us his body and blood.  This is the most important and central act of worship in our Christian lives.  Whether you’ve been to this before or are new you are more than welcome.


On the second Sunday of the month we have a Family Service.  This is a much less formal act of worship where we simply come to hear from the Bible and pray.  We usually have a more interactive talk about the Bible this Sunday which is more child friendly.  The children from Sunday school also take a larger part in the service.  It is always lovely to see people of all ages join us for this act of worship.


The Calm Service 1st and 3rd Sunday at 4pm


The Calm Service is a modern, relaxed, forty-five minute service.  It is at a time when we begin to think about all the business of the week that is about to come the following day.  It is a time, therefore, where we can bring all the burdens of life and lay them before God and receive his calming presence in our lives.  This won’t take the strains and stresses away, but will give us the strength and peace to cope with them.  All are welcome.

Thursday 10am

This is a quieter Holy Eucharist.  We still come to share in the body and blood of Christ, but this is a shorter, calmer and more reflective service lasting only half an hour.



Other special services

Other services specifically around Christmas and Easter can be found on the What’s On page.