Church Committee

What is the Church Committee?

  • We are an elected group of representatives
  • We look after the administrational and advise the Vicar on the spiritual aspects of our church
  • We acknowledge that this is best done through mutual support
  • We have a legal responsibility to maintain and care for the church’s finances, building, electoral roll, and to implement the decisions of the Church in Wales Governing Body and Mission Area conference
  • We therefore must communicate effectively between the Parish, Mission Area conference, and Diocesan conference
  • We would like to spend more time discussing the mission and growth of the church
  • We would do this through prayerful discernment of the long term and day to day vision of what God wishes us to do as a church,and to prayerfully reflect as we move forward

What can you expect from your church committee?

  • That we seek God’s presence in all things and ask him to lead us through his Spirit
  • We will prayerfully look to move our church forward in faith as we seek to become more Christ-like
  • That all matters brought to the church council will be constructively and prayerfully discussed, with the aim to making a positive decision
  • All relevant matters, especially those specifically requested from the congregation, will be communicated back to the necessary parties.

What sort of person does the church committee need?

  • Someone over the age of 16 and on the Electoral Roll
  • Someone who has the spiritual maturity to seek the presence of God in their lives, trusting in his Son and in his reconciling love, acknowledging their own imperfections
  • Someone who feels called by God to nominate themselves for church leadership
  • Someone willing to enter into prayerful discussion and come to a common mind